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ZL Group is a technological leader in polyacrylamide (“PAM”) manufacturing, sales and technical services specialized in serving the oil and gas industry. Established in 1995, our headquarter is located in Canada. Due to our strong focus on Research and Development (R&D), ZL has become one of the largest PAM producers in China. Our company is committed to supporting our continued growth and the growth of our customers.


ZL is as being a high-tech company that provides high quality products and competitive pricing. Over the past two decades, we have focused our efforts on improving our products through R&D, winning numerous industry awards. We have always been prudent with respect to our business expansion over the years. We are well entrenched in the large and expanding enhanced oil recovery industry globally. In addition, in 2019 we quickly established a strong reputation in the US unconventional hydraulic fracturing market, winning major contracts with E&P operators in the Midland and Delaware basins. ZL is also working to establish stronger presence in other unconventional markets including Argentina and the Middle East. 

Manufacture in China

Six Modern production lines are situated in Henan Province, China. Fully backward integrated, with unique production technology to produce our own AM and AMPS. 

Manufacture in Oman

Situated in the strategical industrial park in Raysut, Salalah, with over 1 million sf land. ZL's state of the art manufacture line produces products to middle east market. Fully backward integrated unique production technology.


Our Mission is to construct an environmentally friendly and energy efficient society.

We pursue perfection and create outstanding achievements with integrity and sincerity.

We believe through our efforts and good faith, we will grow with our customers as partners.

ZL has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003 and adheres to an extensive internal QA/QC Management Program that was initially created in 1995, with continuous improvements made over the years. Our QA/QC Management Program includes fourteen inspection stages that cover all of our operational steps as a technology developer, manufacturer, and last mile service provider. This includes procurement, quality control of raw materials, manufacturing and production, equipment and facilities operation & maintenance, well-site services, and management training.

ZL's QA/QC Management Program was developed to achieve two primary goals:

1. Ensure products are produced for their intended purpose and are made right the first time.


ZL strives to minimize errors in production to avoid added production costs, by following a QA/QC Management Program that was created to suit ZL's development, manufacturing, and deployment of polymer chemistries in the field.

2. Identify, resolve, and continuously improve upon any defects in the manufacturing process with routine inspections

Our technology is developed with clear product specifications often validated by customer approved testing protocols. Such product specifications are then taken to be the standard specifications that must be fully achieved before being cleared by ZL for delivery to the well-site. Four of the fourteen inspection stages of our program is of the finished good, which occurs prior to being delivered to the well-site. We are diligent with our inspection processes of all main raw materials used in our polymer chemistry production, with routine daily testing of all main raw materials. 

Please contact us for additional information regarding our QA/QC Management Program.


ZERO Accident
ZERO Personal Injury
ZERO Environmental Damage


 We believe all injuries, work disease, safety and environmental incidents can be avoided. Our goal is to maintain zero accident with our efforts. Our aim is to protect our employees, products, customers and the communities we live in. Health, Security, Safety and Environment is a very important value to ZL. We will establish the concept of respecting and protecting the environment, and operate our business with the guidance of this concept.

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