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Our ESG Commitment

ZL since its establishment, has been focused its R&D on produced water reuse technology. With leading polymer in high salinity environment, its technology enables to reduce fresh water usage during oil production thus lead to a more environmental friendly and sustainable oil production.


Polymer Flooding and Carbon Footprint reduction

Polymer flooding technology reduces Approximately 50% of carbon footprint compared to conventional waterflooding. With ZL's salinity resistant polymer chemistry, further reduction is achieved by reusing produced water. fast dissolution and CPDU dispersion technology minimized energy required to inject the polymers downhole. 


Hydraulic Fracturing and Carbon Footprint reduction

ZL's DOF technology for hydraulic fracturing application reduces carbon footprint during manufacturing process,  transportation and field application, compared to conventional liquid FR application, upto 70% of unnecessary petroleum raw materials are reduced during production, and over 70% reduction in logistics and transportation.

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