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Enhanced oil recovery-Product

The complexity of the geology and other characteristics of oil reservoirs (such as temperature, salinity and hardness of the water in the reservoir) mean that different PAM products are required for different reservoirs. Through on-site and laboratory testing, ZJ is able to match the most effective PAM product to a particular reservoir depending on the reservoir’s relevant characteristics. There are three PAM products and two “Nano Agent” products for enhanced oil recovery applications in ZJ Petrochemicals’ current product portfolio.

PAM Product

Enhanced Oil Recovery: By introducing viscous polymer solutions to the flood,the efficiency of the volumetric sweep is increased, channeling and breakthrough is decreased thereby ,having the overall effect of increasing the oil recovered.

Viscosity Modification: Typically polymers are used as extenders, increasing the drilling fluid viscosity thereby resulting in improvements in the removal of cuttings, better control of fluid densities and lubrication of the drill bit. Additionally, during downtime, due to the thyrotrophic nature of the drilling fluid system the cuttings will be held in suspension thereby not causing any major problems with solids settlement.

Shale Inhibition/Clay Stabilization: The polymer of shale inhibitors can improve the efficiency of solids removal.

Profile Modification: By addition of these products into the oil stratum, cross-linking will occur due to the products amphoteric nature. By controlling the degree and position of the cross-linking, then the desired change in the profile can be achieved thereby controlling the water content and improving the oil recovery rate.