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Reform of oil and gas at the two sessions after the relevant shares, three barrels of oil or attention

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Deputy to the National People's Congress, deputy director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), nur bekri, head of the national energy administration, said recently, the state council has examined and studied a several opinions about deepening the reform of system of oil and gas, since the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration in accordance with the requirement changes, supplement and perfect again, already the second report, expected to come shortly after the two sessions.
It is reported that a new round of reform ideas related to oil and gas of oil and gas in the middle and lower reaches of the price of market access and let go, in the field of diversified market main body. Will further break the administrative monopoly, to hold natural monopoly, open competition, of which the core is up and let go of the pipe network separation. Based on the pattern of "1 + N", the reform of oil and gas to the ground to be supplemented by specific reform scheme and related supporting documents, these are stepping up research to develop at present, the future will be in some provinces and cities to develop oil and gas comprehensive reform pilot or special pilot. At the same time, imports of crude oil market are accelerated to multiple investment subject.
The first to the knife is the highest level of monopoly of upstream link. For a long time, only with mineral exploration right and mining right certificate companies in the country in the oil, sinopec, cnooc, and extend the fields of four, crude amongs so many brands also focused on five big company, this makes the market competition is not enough, difficult to dabble in private enterprises.
Founder securities / - 2.51% of funding research to researchers think that the oil and gas system reform will be in accordance with the "pilot bidding stocks mixed change + increment resources" the principle of social capital in order to open the upstream, the goal is to set up primary and secondary market trading a mine, form a diversified market main body.
On March 1, and according to the national development and reform commission website news, the national development and reform commission in 2016 will be to speed up the perfect is mainly decided by the market price mechanism as the main line, give full play to the reform of the price mechanism on the supply side the positive role of structural reform, keep the overall price level basically stable, accelerate the key sectors such as electricity, natural gas, the medical service price reform, unreasonable fees cleaning specification, improve the cost price regulation system, to the steady growth, promoting the reform, restructuring, livelihood, prevent risk to make a greater contribution.
It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, China's state-owned enterprises "ten pilot reforms" to carry out the plan disclosed, including mixed ownership reform pilot in some important areas. Sasac said, electric power, oil, gas, railway, civil aviation, telecommunication, military and other fields is relatively concentrated areas of national capital. In these areas to develop the mixed ownership reform pilot demonstration, is of great significance. In the first half of this year, will determine the first batch of pilot enterprises, and formulating the pilot scheme, launched in the second half of the pilot, safe and orderly push related reform work.
In addition, the national energy administration has also comprehensively deepen reform leading group meetings, steadily promote the reform of oil and gas, in the review introduced the several opinions on deepening the reform of system of oil and gas, promptly formulate specific reform plan and related supporting documents, in some provinces and cities to develop oil and gas comprehensive reform pilot or special pilot. The personage inside course of study says, comprehensive information shows that oil and gas field is expected to accelerate reform.
According to a January 26, China's oil / - 3.32% of funding research to natural gas group co., LTD. Economic and technical institute 26 report revealed a brewing system reform train of thought of oil and gas in our country. , the report said China's oil and gas storage and transportation field separate according to the network of established way of thinking, gradually push the pipeline business division, under the condition of the conditions are ripe formed an independent network of companies.
The main contradiction analysis, the current oil and gas industry is the industry concentration degree is high, the monopoly phenomenon is prominent, which not only has a natural monopoly, is more of administrative monopoly. The status quo of China's oil and gas industry, oil and gas reform lag, as well as corporate profits down multiple contradiction shows that oil and gas industry reform is imperative. Widely expected to, with top-level design of soe reform and its supporting measures, particularly with regard to mixed ownership reform, eliminate solution measures such as competition, will be a strong catalyst in the field of reform of oil and gas. Upstream oil and gas reform to break the monopoly, will release a trillions of blue ocean. Three barrels of oil, especially the listed companies have both "soe reform + assets into" expectations, related stocks such as petrochemical oil and oil / - 6.41% of funding research to mount tai, mau shihua is quote] [- 5.51% funds etc is worth focusing on.
Reform of the people's livelihood securities believes that the oil and gas, mixed ownership reform is the key of the energy field in the future work in China, the industrial chain related stocks will continue to enjoy the oil change and mixed policy dividends.
Upstream oil and gas reforms recommended targets are: China grand energy research report] [- 4.77% funds, continental oil and gas, beauty energy, etc.
Middle neutralization multi-medium benefit targets are: Shanghai petrochemical, chongqing gas, etc.

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