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Low oil price age three barrels of oil hit big

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29th February 24, the refined oil price adjustment window open, all the pricing monitoring shows that the present raised expectations, petrol and diesel rise at about 60 yuan/ton.
But yesterday, the national development and reform commission official said that as of February 26, the domestic refined oil prices in the international market of call 10 working days before the average price of crude oil below $40 a barrel, under the terms of the new pricing mechanism, the petrol and diesel prices are not adjusted. The next adjustment window will be open on March 14, 2016, 24.
This has been refined after a floor price, finished product oil price adjustment for the third time.
Long the petrochemical general analyst li yan to the "securities daily" reporters, international oil prices in February tight trading range, keep low profile, WTI and brent in near $30 a barrel - $33 a barrel movement, and lack of substantial positive market, oil prices in the first half to stable stand back above $40 a barrel is very difficult. Under the terms of the new refined oil pricing mechanism, when the domestic refined oil prices in the international market of call 10 working days before the average price of crude oil below $40 a barrel, will no longer cut, so expect the next round of refined oil price adjustment continues to run aground.
It is important to note that lower oil prices, some happy some sad. The impact of the current low oil prices, the world's large oil companies are subjected to different degree of impact, exxon mobil, shell and other oil companies, 2015 fourth quarter profit fell by more than 50%, BP, conocophillips, schlumberger and baker hughes oil service companies, profit is in a different degree of loss. China's oil companies also failed to escape. According to forecast of petrochina, 2015 years of oil net profit by 60% to 70%, falling below one hundred billion yuan for the first time. Sinopec fell 25.62% year-on-year in the first three quarters of revenue, net profit fell 47.82% year on year.
Zhuo and information analysts Liu Mengkai to the "securities daily" reporters, international oil prices low shock for a long time, a huge impact on three barrels of oil profits, and sinopec shut down four fields, to save operating costs 130 million yuan. But the crude oil at a low price to make a lot of money, as the right to the use of the private oil imports, shandong to refine crude oil processing are expected to climb to an all-time high of 80%, raw materials led to full power production.
In 2016, according to the domestic new refining capacity of 25 million tons, of which shandong ground tests will be increased by 17.7 million tons (including 9.2 million tons of new often pressure-relief devices), new capacity proportion is as high as 71%.
"Crude oil in a short period of time will still be at a lower level, in the refinery raw materials, considerable profit driven in shandong refining often pressure-relief devices work load in the future still have a chance to hit a new high." Zhuo and information analysts Qin Wenping to the "securities daily" reporters that for most local refining enterprise, in 2015, is one of the best profit in recent years to refining enterprise, benefit from lower oil prices, refined oil products sales in the realization so quantity and price, especially in the second quarter of 2015 and the fourth quarter and in January, refined oil refining profits in 200 yuan/tons, annual average refinery margins is controlled in 249 yuan/ton, the peak processing profits of up to 500 yuan/tons.

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