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Intelligent factory construction of petrochemical industry specifications

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Country advances the strategy of "made in China 2025" deployed in action.
Ministry of industry and the national standard committee recently released by the national intelligence manufacturing standard system construction guide (2015 edition) ", for the oil and chemical industries such as intelligent plant construction provides authoritative norms and guidance.
"Guide" the focus in the field of intelligent manufacturing, trade, innovation, covering 5 major categories foundations commonness, 5 kinds of key technology, and new materials, energy saving and new energy vehicles 10 key industries in the field of application of the standard system of intelligent manufacturing standards of the state.
The overall goal of the first stage (2016-2016) mainly solve standard system fusion penetration and lack of basic standards; The second phase (2018-2018) mainly solve the standard system perfect and standard in the popularization and application of the whole manufacturing problems.
The guide take rolling system of revision, the revised release every 2 to 3 years.
Ministry of industry and electronic information AnXiaoPeng deputy director, said: "the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of technical change in a new industry, build your own intelligent manufacturing system. At the same time, to clearly recognize that behind all the new concept, is actually the technical system, standard system, industrial system. The system is behind the intelligent control of manufacturing industry ecosystem."
The guide from the life cycle, system hierarchy, intelligent functions such as the three dimension standard of intelligent manufacturing system reference model is established, and thus puts forward the intelligent manufacturing standard system framework.
Framework including basic reliability, security, management, detection, evaluation, such as five types of general standards and intelligent equipment, intelligent factory, intelligent service, industry software and large data, such as the Internet 5 class key technical standards.
The guide also select the application standards of the ten key industries, including new materials, new energy vehicles, such as high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, application standard of related industries will be announced later in the following or complement.
China petroleum and chemical industry association deputy secretary-general hu Lin said: "intelligent manufacturing for petrochemical industry has brought great influence, not only improve the production efficiency, but also save labor costs, improve the product quality and stability. Especially in tire, oil refining and some emerging industries, the depth of the intelligent technology and production process integration will further improve the production efficiency, optimize the manufacturing process, greatly promote upgrading of the industry."
Think Lin hu, intelligent manufacture in few of the more obvious machining process technology industry has a great potential for development, such as oil refining, tire, etc. Later, petrochemical industry should be the guide for the platform, promote the key industries and enterprises to speed up promoting the manufacture level of intelligence and information management level.

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