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The ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation: domestic fuel consumption or will rise again

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News, on January 25, according to sources close to the government department, the ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation and other relevant ministries are working on making adjust domestic fuel consumption tax again. According to the current situation, the adjustment will continue to improve the gasoline and diesel oil consumption unit tax amount.
For the adjustment of the sources that will eventually follow the trend of oil prices, in principle is the lower oil prices, oil consumption unit tax amount increase will be more.
After the national development and reform commission has just lowered the domestic refined oil prices. Since January 13, 2016, 24, the highest gasoline and diesel retail price per tonne 140 yuan and 135 yuan respectively, 90 # gasoline and 0 # diesel oil retail prices (average) per liter by 0.1 yuan and 0.11 yuan respectively.
Why continue to adjust product oil consumption tax, experts said, because of the need for structural adjustment mainly. Low oil prices will produce a lot of negative effects, not only structure adjustment cannot be achieved, but also conducive to the development of renewable energy, unconventional oil and gas. It belongs to the macroeconomic regulation and control through economic means.
For oil companies, it is not what is good news. If oil prices, raising the consumption tax unit tax amount will increase product sales price, and this part of the tax revenue and has nothing to do with oil companies.
If the final adjustment, will be the November 2014 and December 2014, in January 2015, after adjusting product oil consumption unit tax amount for the fourth time.
Implementing the product oil consumption tax levy standard is since January 13, 2015. Since then, gasoline, naphtha, solvent oil and lubricating oil consumption has increased from 1.4 yuan per liter to RMB 1.52 per liter, diesel, kerosene and fuel oil consumption by 1.1 yuan/liter up to 1.2 yuan/liter.

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