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Two viewpoints: to improve environmental quality calls for strengthening product oil market oversight

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As an important "weapons" improve environmental quality, the clean oil is written into this year's government work report. Report clearly pointed out that to promote comprehensive automotive fuel Ⅴ standards, reveal the government governance power big aerosol haze determination.
In recent years, our country more haze weather increased, greatly affect people's health and life, also to a great extent, restricts the development of social economy in our country. Solve the problem of haze, to control vehicle exhaust emissions is one of the important means. After the oil product quality upgrading schedule, provisions of the state council in January 2016, across 11 provinces and cities in east the supplier Ⅴ standard automotive gasoline and diesel, the national push for January 2017.
As the main oil suppliers, oil and other Chinese companies invest a lot of manpower material resources to the oil quality upgrade. Earlier this year, China's oil supply to eastern 11 provinces and cities in China Ⅴ standard automotive gasoline and diesel, pull open clean oil listed unfolds in an all-round way.
Clean product upgrade path, however, was not all plain sailing. Along with the advancement of countries Ⅴ gasoline listed work, phenomenon of "low product oil, difficult to clean oil suppliers confidence plummeted.
Why the road to clean oil listed so easy? "The price is an important reason." Deputy to the National People's Congress, petrochina jinzhou petrochemical company general manager Wei Lidong said, "Ⅴ diesel sulfur content in diesel oil, for example, countries are not more than 10 PPM, the Ⅳ is not more than 50 PPM, the Ⅲ no greater than 350 PPM, and prices, want a than Ⅴ diesel per ton Ⅲ your 530 yuan or so, than Ⅳ your 370 yuan. For customers, oil when the choose and buy, the price is the first factor, and then the influence on vehicles and their impact on the environment, many customers tend to be cheap low quality oil, high quality gasoline and diesel, the market share is always couldn't go to the oil refinery sales terminal can't sell. It will inevitably impact on the country to promote green development."
Delay displacement, and some private refineries as well as local governments to product upgrade execution and inadequate supervision, etc., leading to the oil market chaos of coexistence of gasoline and diesel contributed to the "low oil delisting difficult", there are even "bad money after bad money" effect, also let with oil at a discount greatly upgrade haze cure effect. "Companies upgrade the product, producer Ⅴ gasoline investment is huge, state responsibility. However, after cleaning the oil produced is very important to strengthen market supervision, to manage in the field of production, more control in the field of circulation, forming 'production, circulation, supervision, so orderly closed-loop management. Market is the most afraid of competition, the market itself and the enterprise will be badly hurt." The National People's Congress, said jia-min li, general manager of petrochina lanzhou petrochemical company.
In order to ensure product quality to upgrade smoothly, Chinese oil companies invest a lot of money as a guarantee, etc. In China's oil, for example, by the end of 2014, a total of 45 upgrading projects, implementing a total investment of 22.8 billion yuan, the comprehensive finish Ⅴ countries Ⅳ and part of automobile gasoline and diesel quality upgrading technology reform tasks. To ensure that on January 1, 2017 national countries Ⅴ automotive gasoline and diesel quality upgrading, China's oil altogether 57 implement quality upgrading projects, with a total investment of 12.7 billion yuan. To ensure that the east this year on January 1, the implementation of the 11 provinces and cities Ⅴ automotive gasoline and diesel standards, arrange nine eastern China petroleum refining enterprises implement quality upgrade 28 more than two years in advance, with a total investment of 12.8 billion yuan.
Across different product standards also brings to the product upgrade variables. "Clean oil production, lack of uniform standards in our country at present, Beijing has Ⅵ standard Beijing Ⅴ, Beijing, guangdong guangdong Ⅴ to standard. When refinery upgrade is what a standard uncertainty, bring great difficulty production enterprise upgrading." The National People's Congress, China's oil production and operation management department general manager jay jun said in an interview.
Clean oil way to upgrade the way, how to better help cure haze haze resistance? Two sessions, representatives from the petroleum and petrochemical are called for, to further increase the intensity of product oil market regulation, build a more fair and just competition in the market environment. Wei Lidong proposed "to strengthen product quality after the upgrade diesel market regulation" advice; Jia-min li suggested to strengthen the supervision of the quality of refined oil market; Jay jun on how the legal system under the market environment, improve the management ability and create a more fair and just competition in the market environment forum...
Strengthen the supervision of product oil market, but also clean oil a piece of pure land market, needs efforts from government, enterprise and market.
As of March 7, huabei oilfield company in various oil and gas production unit ground engineering system concrete plans and measures have been turned over to the company, the ground engineering system quality, and the synergistic drumbeats sounded.
After nearly 40 years of exploration and development, north China, huabei oilfield oil and gas production bottleneck highlights: crude oil gathering and transferring process capacity surplus, real production capacity of shrinking. "Malaysia" pull "car", resulting in energy waste, oil and gas processing cost is high. How to realize the quantity can match? The end of February, north China, huabei oilfield company organized the ground engineering systems to boost management project, for the power of the entire company, by means of management innovation and efficiency, improve the system suitability, greatly reduce the production cost.
For "Malaysia" pull "car" in energy intensive and supporting system is not reasonable, the company actively carried out on the ground system present situation analysis and countermeasure research, according to the overall planning, regional optimization, the principle of centralized processing, phased implementation, to maximize the ground station system, facilities optimization integration, cancel or simplify the station, facilities, rich reach "layout, control ability, strong management," the purpose.
In response to low prices, huabei oilfield ground engineering systems management improvement project "into" low input "adjustment" governance, shut, stop, inefficient, invalid system, gradually achieve capacity adjustment, reduce the system energy consumption. The company also actively cooperate with relevant research institutions and research institutes, to adjust the ground system overall layout optimization, improve the overall planning, trying to run the station number is greatly compressed, make the system more secure, stable, efficient and smooth.
The company also organizes "fine technical management, reduce running cost" labor competition, fully arouse the ground engineering system employees wisdom.
Set for this purpose, the north China, huabei oilfield ground engineering system optimization objectives: by the end of 2017, saving fuel oil 8000 tons, more than 500000 cubic meters of water saving, saving more than 8 million cubic meters of gas and electricity saving 3 million KWH, saving agents, freight, etc. More than 3 million yuan.

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