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Refined oil consumption tax, or will be raised after the two sessions

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Since this period, the international oil prices continue to shakeouts, $40 a barrel is still close price difference of $10. Due to the national development and reform commission, the provisions of the domestic refined oil price in international oil prices below $40 a barrel is not adjusted, so the February 29 domestic refined oil price is still difficult to appear.
Market institutions think, by freezing oil output uncertainty as well as U.S. crude oil inventories remain high, oil market oversupply situation continue to crackdown on international oil prices, international oil prices is still present in this cycle low volatile. At present, the international oil prices only in 29 - $33 a barrel, from $40 a barrel in the domestic refined oil price adjustment conditions there is still a big gap, and the cycle of this valuation halfway through the ten working days, so the expected February 29, the domestic refined oil price will be adjusted.
After news lack of positive stimulus to boost domestic demand for gasoline and diesel are low, the recent domestic refined oil wholesale market is relatively flat, most of the oil, sinopec sales companies choose to depreciate sales promotion, gas station profits continue to increase. In addition, the recent story about the oil consumption tax rise still more, reporters that under the current international oil prices remained low, the possibility of a consumption tax rise greatly, and or other on the consumption tax reform will bring. The direction of the current consumption tax reform basically has two, one is the central and local fiscal sharing, the other is transfer price by internal taxes tax excluded in price. Two sessions, a series of reform measures on oil consumption is likely to be in during the two sessions will be discussed and agreed, so the rise in oil consumption tax is likely to appear after the two sessions.

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